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If you are a new customer and you are not sure what size is the best for your child please contact us, we will be happy to assist you, and don't forget we can always ask for a free return and exchange.

The restrictive sizing of the textile industry has been put aside – we offer Miracle (preemie), Newcomer 0–3/4 months, Charmer 3–6/9 months, Explorer 6–12/18 months, Adventurer 1–2/2,5, Conqueror 3–4,5/5 years and Innovator 5–7/7,5 years. Some items are available in combo sizes covering even more months and some are marked with a PLUS, meaning that they are a little wider. All items are made according to Scandinavian norms and generously cut to accommodate cloth diapers. And as far as we know ManyMonths™ is the first brand that has been designed also with baby wearing in mind. Please take into account that the items in 100% organic cotton will look big in the store and shrink in the first wash to get into the size intended. If you are not baby wearing nor using cloth diapers – feel free to choose a smaller size if it seems to give a better fit. We have had so much fun while working on the labels! And they still make us smile after several years of product development.

Some items have very special features to make them fit even longer. As an example, the organic cotton sleeping bag has adjustable snaps and an extension piece to snap on, which makes it longer to cover the feet of a toddler Not many items bear the Adventurer-Conqueror combo label, but you will find a few. They gave a great fit for almost every child in our trial group of children and we became confident to let them cover this large an interval of months.

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