SNEAK PEEK on #ManyMonths and #MaM Natural Woollies Collection 2018-2019. Here's a pile of all 6 + 1 colours. Foggy Black Royal Turquoise Festive Orange Majestic Plum Frosted Berry Bright Silver Jewel Blue Let us know which one you like the best!


SNEAK PEEK on ManyMonths Natural Woollies 2018-2019. We hereby present the Majestic Plum colour. A rich, dark and sophisticated colour that goes perfectly with the other colours in the collection and with most previous collections as well. Plum pairs particularly well with grey, turquoise and orange and creates a grounded balance to most colour combinations. The photographs of this colour look quite different on all the screens we have checked. We will publish a second photo in the comments on white background.

SNEAK PEEK on ManyMonths Natural Woollies 2018/2019.

SNEAK PEEK on ManyMonths Natural Woollies 2018/2019. The very popular Hazel Pants/Trousers will come in two new sizes: Enthusiast and Lionheart all the way up to 158 cm. Our model is wearing a prototype of Hazel Lionheart in Bright Silver. He is approximately 156 cm in height and as you can see there is still some space to grow. Both waist and legs ends are adjustable, and the legs can be worn straight by removing the elastic altogether. These two new sizes don't have knee patches or suspenders as the Charmer/Explorer up to Innovator have. The Thermal Tops will come in sizes Adventurer to Lionheart. Our model is wearing an Enthusiast top and as you can see Lionheart would be better - but we

#ManyMonths Woollies

This doesn't look like climbing high, but it is about 2 m up and underneath is hard rock. We agreed that holding on with two hands is a good strategy. Bare feet help as well. I share the view of Roald Dahl that allowing "risk-taking" helps children learn to make their own judgements, which is most useful during the times when you are not right beside them. The weather was sunny and hot. #ManyMonths Woollies and Hempies are naturally UV-protective and comfortable for all kinds of play. Choose loose clothing and broad-brimmed hats for summer. He was playing with water just before and thus the sleeveless top.


When the Festive Orange #ManyMonths Natural Woollies 2018/2019 colour was published in our group Audrey Renson wrote: "Orange and blue. But where is the turquoise one?!" The Royal Turquoise is included - you have all been VERY convincing. Thanks for expressing your opinions. Your happiness is our joy! How do you feel now?

We care

Just because... ...we care about you, us and the environment.


The ManyMonths ECO Hempies Mandarin Collar Shirts have both sleeve length AND total length adjustment for a maximum time of use for a growing child. Additionally hemp/organic cotton fabric is very durable and can be washed times and times again.


Bright Silver, Festive Orange and Jewel Blue, which one do you like?

Baby wearing

The ManyMonths ECO Hempies Kangaroo Trousers have adjustable leg length = they are great for babywearing (also for ex. bike and car seats) and won't be too short as most other trousers. Hemp is the best material for warm weather + offers natural UV-protection (UPF 50+ for the Kangaroos in the picture). The manduca First baby carrier is also made of hemp blend - our absolute favourite material for babywearing. Baby has roomy ManyMonths organic cotton baby booties (with a tie string to stay in place better than socks).

Water play

Water play - isn’t it the best? The air was exceptionally warm, the water freezing - a month ago still ca 50 cm of ice. (ManyMonths ECO Adjustable Summer Hat Nectarine, Hempies Mandarin Collar Shirt and Yoga Trousers in Shorts conversion Turquoise. Perfect outfit for the day. In the evening the temperature dropped to 5 degrees and the trouser legs were quickly added!)

Happy European Babywearing Week 2018!

Happy European Babywearing Week 2018! Portare necesse est! Choose MaM ECO and hemp/organic cotton also for your babywearing needs. It doesn't stretch out like many other fabrics does and it feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Combine with a ManyMonths ECO Hempies Elephant Hood and colourful very comfy leggings that grows with your baby.


This is a new product in our Natural Woollies Collection 2018/19. Colour: Jewel Blue.


SNEAK PEEK: We get a LOT of colour wishes for the ManyMonths Natural Woollies every year. In true slow fashion mentality we aim to offer colours that are timeless and go well together with former collections as well as new colours. Additionally our intention is to include both colourful options and more neutral classics. This is the new Bright Silver in the 18/19 collection. It's a grey with a slightly blue tint. It's a light colour that can be combined with most other colours and can be seen as both classic and modern, sleek and elegant. Silver in gemstones is considered to represent hope, unconditional love, tenderness and kindness, full of positive energy.

Hemp properties

The hemp/organic cotton jersey fabric this ManyMonths ECO Hempies Kangaroo Top is made of was lab tested by SGS and its natural UV-protection values blew our mind - it blocked about 99% of both UVA and UVB -rays (official rating the ultimate UPF 50+). "Most of people come to realize that nature, soft and health are the most important things of the textile. Hemp is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics and also the oldest. The Columbia history of the world states that the oldest relics of human industry are bits of Hemp fabric discovered in tombs dating back to approximately 8000 B. C." ( Choose natural UV-protection for yourself and your baby. ManyMont


•WIN A £30 VOUCHER FOR ANNSO MANY MONTHS UK #UNPLUGGEDPARENTS BLOGIVERSARY CHALLENGE• Day 6 already of our special Blogiversary #unpluggedparents challenge Today, you could win a £30 voucher to spend at Annso UK. A recent discovery for us, but love at first sight. These clothes are made of natural materials in a sustainable and ethical way. They are made to keep your children comfortable, no matter the weather, and free to move, play, and explore. Here are my boys sporting some of their clothes. (How cool are the hats?!!!) •To enter, like this post and follow @eventualmother and AnnSo /ManyMonths UK •For an extra entry per comment, tag your friends below. •For an EXTRA 5 ENTRIES, take

Choose a genuine ManyMonths ECO Summer Hat

Why choose a genuine ManyMonths ECO Summer Hat (and not a copy): -it's made of high-quality hemp/organic cotton -the different hemp/organic cotton materials have been lab tested by SGS to be naturally UV-protective (no added harmful chemicals) -only non-toxic babysafe Oeko-Tex 100 certified dyes have been used during manufacturing, and also materials like threads, labels and elastics are non-toxic -only real coconut buttons are used (not plastic or other man-made materials) -buying a genuine item supports the designer to create more innovative and cool items that grows with the children

ManyMonths ECO Hempies Fan series

This is a handsome 2,5 y. old wearing a ManyMonths ECO Hempies Long/Short Sleeve Top and Natural Woollies Hazel Pants. (Combined with a summer hat of a another brand.) His mother Nora wrote: "When we left home it was pretty cold and now it's over 20°C. He was warm in the morning and now he's still comfy, didn't want to change. Waiting for a new batch of Hempies next week! We love it! We had hemp hats since he was a baby, now we're going all hemp this summer!" Thank you Nora for sharing. We wish your family a very nice summer!

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