"Merino wool offers excellent UV protection as the merino fibers are efficient absorbers of potentially harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. Research has shown that wool absorbs radiation throughout the entire UV spectrum, whereas untreated cotton, nylon, acrylic and silk are poor absorbers of UV radiation. A study done with thin summer fabrics (<160 g/m2) showed that all merino wool samples had an UPF factor of at least 40." (Hilfiker et al 1996, Reinert et al 1997, Haerri 2000 and Gamblicher et al 2001)

ManyMonths ideas

Always suitable for sports, city life, forest walks and playing in the yard. Keeping the child warm, the whole body feel good!

New collection pre-orders

When your 3 years old knows what to choose for Lily Bobtail, Peter Rabbit and you simply adore them all. You can place your pre-order here "Foggy Black is a melange colour with both black and anthracite grey thread. Mykonos Waters is a gorgeous deep sea slightly greenish blue. Sweet Apple is a yellowish lighter kind of green. Provence Blue is a glamorous lighter kind of blue." Lilac Rose is a summer dream in the most beautiful garden. "Raspberry Red is simply one of the important fashion colours of next winter and looks great in combination with pretty much all the others."

Lilac Rose - 2017/2018 Collection

Did you know that Pink hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion? For today a glimpse of the new ManyMonths collection 2017/2018 - Lilac Rose in our garden.

ManyMonths Summer MultiCap

Good morning! "Oh Mister Sun Sun, Mister Golden Sun Please shine down on me..." We are very well protected: ManyMonths MultiCap.

ManyMonths Woollies from Babyidea Ltd./MaM Design Finland

ManyMonths Woollies from Babyidea Ltd./MaM Design Finland - celebrate there 10-th anniversary this year. Bettina, the amazing women who created this brand, sent us an email in the end of 2016: "We hereby present to you our most varied ManyMonths Woollies Anniversary Collection ever! ... We have added completely new items for the joy of creation and to keep the Woollies collection fresh and interesting, we have added several completely new colours, some of which are long-time wishes, we have added a couple of new items for MaMas, and we have a most awaited new size: The Enthusiast. ... For all seasons, versatility, sustainable materials, happy colours, innovation, slow fashion and timele

ManyMonths Collection 2017 - 2018

Each year we have an unique colour palette for our Woollies COLLECTION. Enjoy Collection 2017-2018 - 6 perfect colours form MaMidea (Babyidea Ltd.) - Finland! In Uk

Our colours

Could you imagine your life without colour? Don't worry. We are here!

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