Endless combinations

Numerous ManyMonths ECO Hempies possibilities for making fun combinations each day! Our innovation patented Body/Top is a romper, a bodysuit, a t-shirt - long sleeve or short sleeve as you wish depending on temperature throughout the day. Which colour combination is your or your child's favourite?

ManyMonths ECO Fan Series

We are touched to see pictures of the #ManyMonths ECO clothing in use. Send your pictures too! This is a sweet beach-loving 1,5 year old wearing a MultiCap made of hemp/organic cotton having natural UV-protection and covering both face and shoulders. The legionnaire part is attached with beautiful coconut buttons and completely removable. The circumference of the cap is adjustable and fits from about 1 year of age up to many adults. Hemp is perfect in summer clothing as it is exceptionally comfortable to wear in hot weather. Photographer: Sorin Ilie.

Benefits of hemp for both your child and the environment

Are you already familiar with all the benefits of hemp for both your child and the environment? These are the new ManyMonths ECO Hempies Slouchy Trousers in Innovator size made of light woven 55% hemp/45% organic cotton. They have adjustable waist, long cuffs for length adjustment and big pockets. Perfect for hot summer days and child's play being very roomy and comfortable. Later on suitable for use as capris (crop trousers), up to Enthusiast and for some children even Lionheart size.

Free to move

"Freedom of movement is necessary for children to meet their developmental milestones." --Vanessa Durand, paediatrician The shown in this image, the Kangaroo Top and the Yoga Trousers that can be turned into shorts are made of very comfy hemp/organic cotton jersey. We tested the Blue Purple colour in an accredited laboratory and it showed impressive numbers of UV-protection and this fabric was officially rated with the highest possible UPF-rating 50+. Did you know that hemp is stronger and more durable than any other natural fabric having great abrasion resistance and tensile strength? The result is that hemp has a longer lifespan than other natural fabrics - perfect for the ManyMonths philo

Sun protection

Hemp has superior absorbency as it has a porous nature. Hemp can absorb up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch. Hemp is very breathable and quick drying. It feels cooler in summer yet during cool weather, air which is trapped in the fibres is warmed by the body, making it naturally warm. ManyMonths ECO Adjustable Summer Hat made of hemp/organic cotton in the new nectarine colour. ManyMonths ECO Summer Hats are quite unique in many ways. There is a coconut button in front for convenience and variation, adjustable circumference on all models, straps for fastening for young children, eco- and childfriendly materials, natural UV-production and exceptional durability due

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