SNEAK PEEK on ManyMonths Natural Woollies 2018/2019.

SNEAK PEEK on ManyMonths Natural Woollies 2018/2019. The very popular Hazel Pants/Trousers will come in two new sizes: Enthusiast and Lionheart all the way up to 158 cm. Our model is wearing a prototype of Hazel Lionheart in Bright Silver. He is approximately 156 cm in height and as you can see there is still some space to grow. Both waist and legs ends are adjustable, and the legs can be worn straight by removing the elastic altogether. These two new sizes don't have knee patches or suspenders as the Charmer/Explorer up to Innovator have.

The Thermal Tops will come in sizes Adventurer to Lionheart. Our model is wearing an Enthusiast top and as you can see Lionheart would be better - but we don't have any piece of that to use for photo shooting yet.

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