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ManyMonths Woollies from Babyidea Ltd./MaM Design Finland

ManyMonths Woollies from Babyidea Ltd./MaM Design Finland - celebrate there 10-th anniversary this year. Bettina, the amazing women who created this brand, sent us an email in the end of 2016: "We hereby present to you our most varied ManyMonths Woollies Anniversary Collection ever! ... We have added completely new items for the joy of creation and to keep the Woollies collection fresh and interesting, we have added several completely new colours, some of which are long-time wishes, we have added a couple of new items for MaMas, and we have a most awaited new size: The Enthusiast. ... For all seasons, versatility, sustainable materials, happy colours, innovation, slow fashion and timeless design." Join us to discover what's new, what is unique, for your children in this Anniversary Collection! All our products are limited edition.

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