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Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design.


W H Y  N A T U R A L  F A M I L Y  W O O L L I E S

The short answer: Its benefits are incredible.

The longer answer:
Pure, natural merino wool... sustainable. After hemp, wool has a smaller carbon footprint than other textile fibers. Wool fibres are renewable and fully biodegradable, breaking down quickly to return completely to the earth, and releasing the inherent nutrients to the soil when the time of use is over. Before that we urge everybody to order Repair Kits for mending, use the fabric to sew something else when the clothing isn't suitable anymore, and finally use as patches, or after the clothing can't be repaired, sewn into something else like doll clothing, as patches for quilting, cut into pieces for filling in soft toys, as insulation strips between double pane windows in the wintertime etc. thermoregulatory and breathable, makes us feel comfortable during different weather conditions. Merino wool fibres are amazing, active fibres that react to body temperature changes. There are tiny pockets of air both within and between the merino fibres. This air does trap our body heat to insulate us and our children from the cold. When our bodies get too warm, Natural Woollies release heat and moisture. The air in the pockets cools down, and we feel comfortable. This is very important for young babies as overheating can be risky for them (SIDS-risk).

...keep us dry and fresh. Natural merino wool absorbs moisture (up to around 30% of its weight), wicks away sweat from our skin, and bacteria have a hard time growing on the fabric. The wool fibres are active, and can simultaneously absorb moisture and resist external moisture like fog, damp weather conditions. The odour control and self-cleaning while airing are amazing. fire-resistant and has very low flammability. Natural wool will usually not catch on fire, but will naturally extinguish itself. Videos, where wool and synthetics are compared in fire practice, are impressive. Wool will also not melt or stick to the skin like synthetics. We sleep better and safer in wool. Would you also be interested in wool bedding for the future (like padded blankets)?

...also has natural UV protection, antistatic properties, beautiful colour rendering, and offers superb warmth without bulk (much more than other fibres with the same weight). Pure merino wool fibres have a memory, are particularly elastic, and spring back to shape just by airing/resting them for about a day. These fibres will bend some 20 000 times and still keep their shape pretty great from month to month and even years – after pregnancy around the tummy too.

UNiQUE ManyMonths Natural Woollies Unisex Pocket Leggings

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