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100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design. 

—"So cute! So soft — can they really be pure wool? Wish it would be winter soon!", are the comments we frequently hear about the mittens. They are made of double layers of stretchy merino rib, and thus easy to put on. Long elastic cuffs keep the mittens in place and the wrists warm - can be folded down, if preferred. The smallest size (NewComer/Charmer) is made without thumb and its fine if the mitts end up in the mouth from time to time being 100% natural. Wool can absorb a third of its own weight in liquid and still feel warm and comfortable. Very important in the cold season, and during snow play. Wear as such during fall and spring, and combine with a padded or furry glove during the coldest winter days. Perfect for babywearing, also underneath a cover or panel jacket.

A great match with the booties and hood. Let the children choose their favourite colours! There is plenty of choice.


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The ManyMonths Woollies are carefully designed in Finland. They are made of two layers of naturally stretchy and soft merino wool rib, which has been knitted especially for us. All seams are sewn flat and the ribs have good stretch, which makes dressing easy.

The ManyMonths Woollies doesn't need to be washed after every use. Wool cleans itself; frequent airing of damp pants in fresh air will do. The reliability will improve over time. Wool is meant to be loved and often used.

ManyMonths Woollies Long Cuff Mittens (double layers)

Color: Night Sky
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